Friday, May 19, 2017

Please upgrade to MaSuRCA release 3.2.2

Dear Users, I wanted to stress one more time that there have been significant improvements in speed (>2x), accuracy and disk usage footprint (reduced by about factor of 10), as well as many bugfixes in the MaSuRCA 3.2.2 release compared to the previous 3.2.2_RCX and 3.2.1_XXXXXXXX versions.  Please avoid using previously released beta-versions, now that a release is available.  I urge you to take a moment to update your installation of MaSuRCA to the latest version available here:


  1. Hi Aleksey,
    I'm unable to connect to the ftp site. Is it down?
    Thank you,
    Paul Frandsen

  2. Hi~,I got an error:
    $ cat
    # FRG Error: Fragment 0:super-read sequence length 79334 > 65535 max allowed sequence length.
    how to rset the max allowed sequence length ?