Friday, January 12, 2018

New MaSuRCA version 3.2.4

I have just finished testing a new release of MaSuRCA version 3.2.4. The major improvement in this version is ability to run the hybrid assembly (Illumina+PacBio/Oxford Nanopore data) on a grid.  At this point only SGE is supported, and I am working on SLURM support which will be implemented shortly. Other improvements include:

1. gzippped fasta/fastq input files of PacBio/Oxford Nanopore reads supported
2. general speed and accuracy improvements
3. minor bugfixes based on user feedback

The new version is designed in such a way to allow mammalian genome assembly on a grid of computers with 128Gb of RAM.

The new release is available here

I am now updating the MaSuRCA manual to reflect the new options for grid execution, and I will upload it later today.

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