Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Comments are welcome

I welcome any comments on the posts.  You can use comments to report bugs on the new versions or ask questions about the new features.  For now all comments are moderated, that is I have to look at every comment and approve it before it appears on the public blog.  This way I can make sure I have looked at all comments.


  1. Dear Aleksey,

    I am testing MaSuRCA. So far I managed to run it using two single fastqs per library. But I do already have many fastqs per each. Is there any way to point to a set of files instead of having to concatenate all of them into a single one?

    Sorry if it sounds naive. I have tried to run it this way and it seems to have problems recognizing the wildcard:

    PE= p4 343 67 /scratch/devel/denovo_assemblies/tests/masurca2/reads/lib400/*.1.fastq.gz /scratch/devel/denovo_assemblies/tests/masurca2/reads/lib400/*.2.fastq.gz
    PE= p7 620 116 /scratch/devel/denovo_assemblies/tests/masurca2/reads/lib700/*.1.fastq.gz /scratch/devel/denovo_assemblies/tests/masurca2/reads/lib700/*.2.fastq.gz
    JUMP= j4 2750 836 /scratch/devel/denovo_assemblies/tests/masurca2/reads/mp4000/*.1.fastq.gz /scratch/devel/denovo_assemblies/tests/masurca2/reads/mp4000/*.2.fastq.gz
    JUMP= j8 6286 1947 /scratch/devel/denovo_assemblies/tests/masurca2/reads/mp8000/*.1.fastq.gz /scratch/devel/denovo_assemblies/tests/masurca2/reads/mp8000/*.2.fastq.gz


    When I include the paragraph above in the config.txt, masurca fails to produce assemble.sh and error says:

    invalid forward file for PE library 'p4': '/scratch/devel/denovo_assemblies/tests/masurca2/reads/lib400/*.1.fastq.gz' Bad file descriptor

    What do you normally do when having hundreds of files per library?

    Thanks in advance,

  2. No, unfortunately wildcards are not supported. You can either generate JUMP or PE entry for each file or concatenate the files.

  3. Hi,

    I was running MaSuRCA v3.2.1 using two PE and two MP libraries. The program stopped after two days while preprocessing the first PE library. I have found this error in the quorum.err file;

    [2017/01/11 01:40:44] Loading mer database
    [2017/01/11 01:44:17] Loading contaminant sequences
    [2017/01/11 01:44:17] Computing Poisson cutoff
    [2017/01/11 01:47:26] distinct mers:20379890205 total mers:174169779288 estimated coverage:8.54616
    [2017/01/11 01:47:26] lambda:0.0284872 collision_prob:0.00333333 poisson_threshold:0.0001
    [2017/01/11 01:47:26] Using cutoff of 4
    [2017/01/11 01:47:26] Correcting reads
    terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::ios_base::failure'
    what(): basic_ios::clear

    Do you know what could be the reason and how to fix it?

    Just in case is relevant, I will tell you that I was using gcc/4.9.3, perl/5.22.1, boost/1.60.0 together with masurca.

    Thanks in advance,

  4. This error is in the error corrector. Never seen this one before. Can you see if the corrected reads file pe.cor.fa looks reasonable up to that point?