Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Welcome to the official MaSuRCA development blog maintained by Aleksey Zimin.  This blog is dedicated to announcements and support of MaSuRCA whole genome de novo assembly package.

At this time MaSuRCA supports Illumina,Sanger, 454, Oxford Nanopore and PacBio data.  Please refer to MaSuRCA quick start manual before using MaSuRCA.

Please supply either Pacbio or Nanopore reads (not both) as PACBIO=file.fa or NANOPORE=file.fa in the configuration file. All Pacbio or Nanopore reads must be in a single fasta file!

To obtain the latest SOURCE CODE of MaSuRCA and compilation instructions, see this page. BINARIES for various Linux distributions are NOT YET AVAILABLE and they are coming soon.

The package is freely available under GPL open source license at  If you use MaSuRCA, please cite the following publications:

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  1. For those of you installing as a module, don't forget to set LD_LIBPATH.