Wednesday, December 7, 2016

New version 3.2.1_12062016

New version of MaSuRCA (3.2.1_12062016) is available.  This version has an extensive list of new features and updates from the previous 3.2.1_10202016 release.  The improvements include:

1. faster unitig consensus (use pbutgcns along with utgcns)
2. faster contig consensus (use pbutgcns along with ctgcns)
3. new feature: deduplication of heterozygous genomes at the unitig stage; one haplotype is removed, and each contig in the assembly is output as single haplotype; however not all contigs represent the same haplotype -- this feature is under development
4. overlap filtering to detect and prevent repeat-induced misassemblies in contigs
5. bugfixes and small improvements in speed and accuracy in Celera Assembler -- the main assembly engine in MaSuRCA

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