Friday, December 9, 2016

Documentation update

MaSuRCA documentation has been updated.  The  link on the website points to the correct version of the documentation.  The Quick Start Guide is available at

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  1. Hi Aleksey.
    I am getting an odd error with some Illumina data I pulled off sra.

    [Mon Jan 23 10:56:26 EST 2017] Processing pe library reads
    Average PE read length 101
    choosing kmer size of 71 for the graph
    cat: write error: Broken pipe
    MIN_Q_CHAR: 33
    WARNING: JF_SIZE set too low, increasing JF_SIZE to at least 2753536298, this automatic increase may be not enough!

    Is this indicating the wrong quality score format? The assembly appears to continue past the error correction stage. The thing that doesn't happen is creating of the CA directory, although it does make work1.